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86 Nickels Script

So this is an early draft of the screenplay that eventually became Death of a Dishwasher. Very clearly, I don’t know what I’m doing structuring a screenplay — but some of the scene’s really snap. And the lines are still funny. I skimmed it as I was building this post and I chuckled to myself […]

“Dishwasher” Wins a Parsec Award!

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Death of a Dishwasher Summary

Once, I had an idea for a movie. About this restaurant. And I wrote and I wrote. And rewrote and rewrote. But no matter how hard I tried, the movie still sucked. And I tried very hard. Three major rewrites. Years later, I finally thought I had tossed the monkey from my back — but […]

Death of a Dishwasher, Part IV

Nickels, the hero.

Death of a Dishwasher, Part III

The body, discovered.

Death of a Dishwasher, Part II

A pep talk for the dead.

Death of a Dishwasher, Part I

Every man dies. But not every man works as a dishwasher.