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  1. Absolutley beautiful. Why did it almost make me choke up? Perhaps my period is around the corner or perhaps it was just that damn good. I think that it was the latter. Uncle Patrick…

  2. What a wonderful world . . . although as we grow sadly I think we often loose sight of that. I am so honored that you took the time to eloquently introduce the world to Allison (even if she already knows it). I look forward to rediscovering the world through her lens. much love to my brother and the now crazy uncle.
    ***Does this mean I am not to expect that birth announcement??

  3. I have a sixteen month old boy, and my wife is pregnant again right now, and that doesn’t sound like magic in eight point courier font, but when a tiny little man hands you the teddy bear he loves best because he thinks you look unhappy, you’ll know–just like I do–that it _is_ magic, the very best kind of magic.

    Thank you, Patrick. I will have to play this for my wife at the earliest possible moment. You have done a lot of astonishing work, of which this is, in my current teary opinion, the best.


  4. Sweet tribute to our beautiful “Allison Lorraine”. Hey, wasn’t that a song? When Uncle Patrick says her name it sounds like music.

  5. “Patta” Years ago your Granny Lorraine sent you a decorated “box full of love” so you would never forget that you are loved”. Now Allison Lorraine has the voice of her Uncle Patrick to remind her that she is loved. Thanks for your self expression…it is perfectly you!

  6. I experienced a similar feeling when the most wondrous baby Seth Borjas met this world of ours. Once again you have expressed an amazing thing exquisitely. thanks

  7. Excellent.
    You have once again taken a extraordinary event and made it that much more beautiful and memorable.
    It truly touched me as I’m sure it will Allison Lorraine one day.

  8. So I’m here listening to this at work and now all I want to do right now is go hug my daughter. Unfortunately, I don’t think my boss would accept your final command of “go home.” And besides, she’s in school.

    But still: curse you, and thank you. And a big welcome to Allison Lorraine, too!

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