An Introduction to the Seanachai podcast

Even though the Seanachai is parsed out in 5-7 minute increments, the entire podcast is more than 8 hours of finished audio. This tends to make it daunting for new listeners. So to enhance the accessibility, and more effectively suck people in, I’ve compiled a brief introduction. It includes some of my favorite episodes (and some explanation of why) but it’s by no means comprehensive.

So if I’ve left out a favorite, or you think something else should be included, please mention it in the comments.
The Vampire in My Attic — It’s the first and still one of the best. Very short.
Candy — but then, there’s Candy.
A Wolf in the Park — A good tale and some of the best sound design and music.
Blame Abraham — because there’s only

so much insanity you can watch without trying to understand it.
A Change in Orbit — I cried when I wrote it. I cried when I read it. It’s good.
The Han Solo Theory — a big light bulb went on when I figured this out.
St. Patrick’s Day
In many ways, I feel like I failed the original purpose of the Seanachai by doing series. It was originally supposed to be all short stories. But, as it turns out, short stories are murderously hard. Which is okay, these turned out to be really good.

The War with Santa — I still laugh when I listen to this, and I made it!
Death of a Dishwasher — Won a Parsec. Pure Restaurant Worker Catharsis.
How to Succeed in Evil — It has to be on the list, even though it’s got it’s own website now. Start at the beginning.
Outsourcing A Chicken — Because you just can’t have too many reasons to dislike chain restaurants.
The Redneck Expeditionary Force — People seriously thought they could find this game online. I wish.
Sometimes, you just gotta blow the bugs out of the engine.
A Scary Story — The best cautionary tale told by a “sailor” since the Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
Rock, Paper, Scissors — This one also cracks me up every time I listen to it. Best voicing I’ve done.
Truth is — who doesn’t like a good Zombie love story.

7 replies on “An Introduction to the Seanachai podcast”

  1. I have many favorites but one of the best is MLK Commentary. I think it shows great insight and would do well in a high school US history classes.

  2. My Alternate Favorites:

    How I Gave Up Roulette – Because now that you mention it, evil probably does look and sound like Colonel Sanders. Also, ‘walls of pain’ is a perfect distillation of the logic, however you feel about it.

    Bright Lights – ‘Who would shoot a guitar?’ ‘Maybe it *needed* killin’!’ Everything after that was just gravy.

    I also second:

    Candy – Because sooner or later we all need to get us some Strawburst.

    War With Santa – Nothing says Xmas like tequila-fueled self-destrution.

    Death of a Dishwasher – Geuninely moving/harrowing.

    Succeed in Evil – Balm for annoyed minds. Listen immediately.

  3. Nazi Car Trouble
    _ I drive a GTI and I work in advertising so this one played a special tune with my heartstrings.

    St. Valentine’s Day
    _ yep!

    Thank you for coming back.

  4. I love A Round on Werner so much that I kept it on iTunes after you seemed to drop off the face of the earth and listened to it every few months just for a view of the inscrutability of things.

  5. Hi Patrick,

    Look for a space for Good-Hearted Hospitable Creature. I found it unsettling, to say the least.

    Thanks! O

  6. I find myself listening again and again to these episodes… All of them!
    The “Henryman List” put into words almost verbatim much of what I want my sons to learn.
    “How To Succede In Evil” is par excellence! I listen again and again to it also.

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